About Rod Thomas

Rod Thomas is a financial and property investment professional with 30+ years experience. He is passionate about helping people transform their income in retirement, by doing far better with their existing pension and other investments. He is the Managing Director of Avantis Wealth, a specialist in high return, alternative investments. Prior to this, Rod was a Chartered Accountant for Deloitte Touche.

Rod is well-versed in end-to-end processes within the financial services industry. From pension reviews to thorough action plans, he helps clients reflect on their current financial statuses, learn about alternatives to traditional stocks and shares, and create detailed roadmaps to prosperous retirements.

If you are a company director then Rod’s approach will be of special interest. He’s developed the Financial Advantage Program (FAP), an innovative approach to helping Directors (and Partners of LLP’s) make far more from their pensions and investments, through investments that typically return 7-15% per annum, then keep more of their income and assets by thoughtful structuring of their affairs to minimize tax.

Within the pension world Rod Thomas has a focus on clients being able to take control of their own pension and make their own investment decisions. This means considering options like SSAS (Small, self-administered scheme), SIPP (Self-invested personal pension) and ROPS (Regulated overseas pension scheme).

At Avantis Wealth, Rod has also developed the F.R.E.S.H. Investment Strategy, which regularly generates returns between 7-15% annually.

This blog will deliver insights into pensions and retirement options, seen through the eyes of a seasoned professional in the field. Some popular topics include investment regulations (including, but not limited to, pensions), costs you may incur during retirement, how politics affects pension plans, and more. Rod Thomas may also provide reactions to recent news articles regarding regulations and trends of various investment options.

If interested in learning more about Rod’s financial perspective, a great resource to start with is his book, “The Pensions Disaster and How to Plan for a Secure Retirement”, which he published in 2012. Although this book does not supplement as financial advice, it does take a deep dive into pensions trends and provides a speculative prediction on the future of pensions investing. Rod also breaks down what a pension is, how to withdraw from one, and what alternatives are out there for people who have not yet started investing.